At Espacio Home Design Group we believe that design is the balance point between science and art. We offer you infinite possibilities when it comes to kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes and dressing rooms, audio and video in Palma de Mallorca. We will create the space that best suits your needs.

Design and quality: our personal signature

We have turned our style into a personal brand, it's not a question of fashion. We look for excellence in all projects we create, whether we start from scratch, work on a reformation or refurbish a space that already exists. We analyse all the different possibilities together with you to accommodate the idea you have in mind, then we suggest a solution that is customised especially for you. Just like there are no two identical persons, there are no similar projects. The only common denominator is the quality of materials and the brands we work with.

Developing spaces since 1929

These days Espacio Home Design Group is run by a third generation. We have carried out hundreds of projects and keep expanding and specialising on the market to be able to offer the best service to our customers with the same goal as we've had since the beginning: designing perfect spaces, optimising functionality with the best quality on the market. As we keep growing we implement our techniques and broaden our service catalogue.

Exclusivity and luxury in Palma de Mallorca

There's no denying that the quality of life on Mallorca is fantastic, and in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea we find all the best European brands. Luxury lies in the quality of a product, its excellence, and above all, luxury is enjoying what has been made especially for you. It's essential to be able to feel and live the spaces in a home; we are passionate about what we do and we do it only for you. We make our customers' lives easier through design and innovation, letting their homes come to life.