Scena InTouch Series

We are specialists in turning illusions into realities, in designing personalized audio-video projects for any space, creating unique concepts that transcend the senses.

For years we have been a benchmark in Mallorca in terms of design, we work with internationally recognized brands and technological R&D in Audio and Video that give Scena. prestige. We offer the most exclusive products to guarantee a perfect result, a magical experience and unmatched robustness.

Scena InTouch Series is a powerful, highly visual and intuitive tool in which everything is possible. You will have full power in their hands and you will not want to leave your house.

Being a proprietary graphical interface, we have the ability to customize it to the fullest, providing exclusivity in the pursuit of absolute perfection.

Scena Cinema InTouch:

The remote control for the cinema of your dreams. A space to relax and immerse yourself in another dimension. From the control of the projector, the lights, the sound, the weather to the seats you can regulate it from an Ipad Mini, without the need to use a remote control for everything; Scena Cinema InTouch encompasses everything in one device.

Scena Music InTouch:

You can control the interior and exterior music of your house with the Scena Music InTouch application through any mobile device or Ipad Mini. Choose the music you want to listen to, the volume and where you want it to play. Wrap your home in music!

Scena Home InTouch:

Scena Home InTouch is the most complete series. It covers all the domotics of your home managed from an Ipad, any mobile device or if you prefer the Room Controler, wall device for the room you want. Maximum simplicity, prepared for the future.

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