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Palma de Mallorca

Projekt Dolby ATMOS

Espacio Home Design has carried out through Espacio Scena. a DOLBY ATMOS cinema with nine surround speakers, two ceiling speakers and a powerful subwoofer, to create a full 3D effect.

The speakers are from the highest series in Bowers & Wilkins, the 800 series.

The amplification kit consists of a Preamp and two dedicated Marantz power stages, all of the highest series as well.

The room is acoustically conditioned with absorbent panels, dispersers and bass traps. The screen is fixed at 172 inches and the projector is LED SIM 2. We have created an acoustic study carried out by our engineers to optimize the sound as much as possible.

Plus, the entire cinema is under control with our Scena InTouch Control.

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