Espacio Home Design presents the outdoor furniture firms, a safe bet

The Living team at Espacio Home Design works daily to learn about the latest trends in interior and exterior furniture. They look for the firms that best fit in with Espacio’s values, focusing on quality, design, excellence and respect for the materials used, among other things.

The firms they bet on to work on their exterior design projects are Kettal, Gandia Blasco, Living Divani, Varaschin and Talenti; firms of great international recognition and with great reception among lovers of the Italian product.

Therefore, now Espacio is able to offer a wide variety of products to be able to adapt and satisfy the tastes of each client.

When customers come to Espacio Home Design they are looking for a Mediterranean touch, to enhance that characteristic style but with a differential touch. In short, provoke the client that tingling of satisfaction for a job well done.

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