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Espacio Bon Nadal 2021


In Mallorca for centuries, Christmas has been decorated with neules, paper decorations with Christmas motifs, island landscapes, floral motifs and stars, made by hand that are used during the festivities to decorate churches, shops, schools, nativity scenes and even windows. of private houses. Even today these filigree are still the protagonists in the Christmas season. The neules are made of paper, they are delicate and perfect, it could be said that they are a tradition and an art. They are usually made with great dedication and patience in various convents on the island.

Espacio Home Design has contacted two convents: the Convent of Santa Clara and the Convent of Santa Magdalena to find out how they are made and a little more about this beautiful Christmas tradition.

This decorative tradition dates back to the 14th century, when neules were used to decorate the cathedral. Formerly it was made with a flour paste, bread type that was eaten at the time of the congregation on New Year’s Eve and over the years they began to be made of paper, a more resistant and aesthetic form where the large garlands of neules they appeared suspended from the ceiling of the churches. Many of them will also listen to the song of the, another beautiful Majorcan Christmas tradition and declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2010. A medieval song with a Gregorian melody that came to Mallorca from the hand of the Rey Jaime I “The Conqueror” to become in this way the most unique tradition on New Year’s Eve on the island of Mallorca. It has always been said that this song makes the neules dance and is a set full of history and tradition.

Las neules, a tradition that is transmitted from generation to generation through workshops that are organized in schools, libraries, cultural and leisure centers. It is a craft that requires only paper and scissors, a lot of concentration and dexterity and, at the same time, takes away stress and brightens up any room.

At Espacio Home Design this Christmas we want to celebrate local Christmas traditions, sharing one of them that we like the most: the realization of Neules.

As we have commented previously, we could say that it is something like Mallorcan ‘mandalas’ that have decorated houses and churches long before imported or purchased ornaments existed.

For this reason, we wanted to design a collection of neules that we want to share with you so that we can once again feel the satisfaction of making our own decoration: print them, cut them out or let the little ones color them; the idea is to share them because it is the best way to celebrate our traditions, ensuring that they are not lost. Download them through the QR that you will find on our website or in our shop windows that this year become interactive in order to SHARE.

We have edited a small collection of 600 units, printed on laser wood so that you can start your collection of neules.

Now it’s your turn to create your own neules, make your own garlands to hang on the tree, suspend them from the ceiling or place them on the windows of your house or in a lamp. You dare?

Download here the manual that we have prepared for you, so you can enjoy and learn how to make Neules Mallorquinas.

Upload a photo with your creation and tag with the hashtags #CelebrateisSharing #EspacioBonNadal2021 #EspacioNeules and we will share it in our community.


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