Vista Alegre 21


Vista Alegre 21


Espacio Home Design – Cocinart


Bonanova- Palma

Vista Alegre Project

Modernity and quality in the Bonanova district, Palma de Mallorca. We move to this charming area located in the southwest of the center of Palma.
We are located in a residential complex framed by the hillside and with a privileged panoramic view of the bay of Palma. It is only 10 minutes from the center and thus be able to take advantage of the potential that is around it.
Therefore, we find the essence of modern life in these buildings that make up Vista Alegre, ‘Casa Azul’ and ‘Casa Verde’, which boast features that consolidate their different personalities and offer the perfect combination to ensure the home of your dreams.
Espacio Home Design by Cocinart has been in charge of designing the kitchens of the 15 houses that make up the Vista Alegre project.
The chosen model of kitchens is the ‘Long Line Top’, lacquered in white by the brand Cocinart and with a modern style. The finishes of each of the residences have been taken care of down to the last detail. An innovative design that maximizes spaces and guarantees the highest standards of contemporary life.

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