Sail Pouf Topo- GAN

Brand: GAN Model: Sail Pouf Topo Measurements: 100 x 110 x 120h cm (Triangular) 75x75x35h cm (Square) Material: Fiber composition, 100% virgin wool. Stuffed with a mixture of polystyrene and chopped foam rubber.Triangular pouf price: RRP_850 € + VAT. Outlet Price_637 € + VAT Square pouf price: RRP_550 € + VAT. Outlet Price_412 € + VAT Set price: RRP_1400 € + VAT. Outlet Price_ 1049 € + VAT
Transport: No
Assembly: No
Other features:
Outlet Price: 1.049
PVP: 1.400
Available in: Espacio Home Design - Eusebi Estada
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