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Espacio Home Design


Son Vida

House Project in Son Vida

Espacio Home Design has participated in the design of several spaces in this house by the architect Rafael Balaguer.
For the stay of the kitchen, one of the peculiarities is to be faithful to the minimal concept of the house with the use of pure white as the basis of the surfaces.
In this way it is possible to emphasize the walls of marés and the most decorative elements. In the barbecue Corian was chosen as the optimum material for outdoor use. Also as a connecting link, kitchen countertops also use this material.
The model Artex and Alea  were undoubtedly the perfect example to respect the purity in the design that the client required.
The spaces have been specially designed so that a kitchen open to the home does not break into the harmony of the whole, there is a perfect harmony with the outdoor kitchen and the practicality of a kitchen for professional use designed for a complete team has been thoroughly studied. of kitchen.
In addition, we have created two recreational spaces converting them into two movie theaters, one outdoor and one indoor.
The interior cinema is a cinema 7.2.2 Dolby Atmos that has three front speakers Bowers & Wilkins CT Cinema series, along with two subwoofers behind the acoustically transparent screen and 4 surround speakers of the CI series of Bowers & Wilkins along with 2 speakers of ceiling of the same series.
The outdoor cinema has a high-brightness projector hidden by a special mechanism that together with the electric screen create that film magic.
The special touch of this cinema is given by the cube-shaped speakers and subwoofer of the Architettura Sonora brand.
Both cinemas are controlled by our own system, Scena InTouch Control.
To conclude, an LG television with a 5.1 surround system integrated into the ceiling and more than 40 loudspeakers scattered throughout the house of the brand Bowers & Wilkins with Rotel amplification was placed for an exquisite sound in each room.

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