Espacio Home Design


Arabella Golf

House in Arabella Golf

Espacio Home Design has participated together with the Italian brand, in this kitchen project of rigorous design, thinking of each element within the functional set of the kitchen.
They have combining materials for the island in Elm wood; the columns laminated color “White White Touch” and laminated color “Silver Gray”.
The whole of the wall will be used for open storage ‘SHAKERS’ in lacquered matt ‘Visone’ and Olmo wood.
Thanks to the versatility of the design, one of the vertical panels makes at the same time an access door to the laundry, fully integrated. Pure and essential design offered by the model ALEA, which gives a simplicity and elegance that makes the kitchen a comfortable space.
In addition, a Scena Smart TV with mirror has been placed to give that unique touch to the main room of the house.

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