Optimize your space with custom design wardrobes and walk-in closets

What style do you feel most comfortable with? Discovered, hidden, open, infinite with views or intimate. In Espacio Home Design you will find what you are looking for in custom design wardrobes and walk-in closets in Palma de Mallorca.

A wardrobe that evolves with you

Tailor-made wardrobes and walk-in closets are the best way of adapting the space of a specific room to your own pace of life, your hobbies and specific needs. To see a person’s wardrobe is to know a lot about them. A dressing room is a space that keeps our clothes organised and a space where we can see the different stages of our life. Organising that space won’t be the same for one person as for a new couple, or a family where children have been added to the home.


Espacio Home Design - Marcas - Molteni & C
Espacio Home Design - Marcas - Espacio

Manufacting using only the best materials

We are in constant contact with the best suppliers and brands, allowing us to feature all their high-end products in our showrooms, every item providing the best quality available on the market. We will develop a project with you in mind, with an eye for even the smallest detail, taking into account the fact that life continuously evolves. Everything you develop with us can always be adapted later, which is the advantage of using excellent materials only in construction.

Luxury walk-in closets in Palma de Mallorca

A walk-in closet is every well-organised person’s dream and it’s also the best way of optimising your wardrobe, making sure all your clothes are perfectly organised and within easy reach at all times. A luxurious walk-in closet is not just a room with plenty of space to walk around, it’s a room that has been designed with its own style and great capacity for storage of clothes, accessories and other items.

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