Organising, storing and protecting is made easy with wardrobes and dressing rooms in a modern style from Jesse. Create your own lifestyle and let your wardrobe represent it, perfectly.

Perfectionist design

The details in Jesse's design are always modern and elegant. Their work is based on continuous growth and they have manufactured and designed furniture since 1920. They are authentic experts who have applied technology to make sure their artisan products are always perfect.

Icona, Jesse's modern wardrobe

The Icona series consists of wardrobes and dressing rooms made by Jesse in Italy in keeping with their tradition “made in Italy”, but combining it with an international spirit. The wardrobes have very discreet handles that extend along the right-hand side door of each set, painted with matte lacquer the same nuance as the wardrobe itself. Jesse offers a wide range of bedroom furniture to match, as well as other wardrobes with folding or sliding doors, and built-in wardrobes.

Comfortable, tailor-made wardrobes and dressing rooms in Palma de Mallorca

Jesse are experts when it comes to taking care of the inner workings of the house. A personal interpretation of the concepts warmth, well-being and style is their quality seal and it sums up the brand well. This collection is perfect for use as built-in wardrobes. Different-size furniture can be placed side by side. We can customise both width and height, and adapt and angle doors so the wardrobes can be placed in corners. There are endless options for this wardrobe. Come and visit us in our showrooms in Palma de Mallorca, and we will evaluate what options are right for you.