Clean and Classic

You will be instantly drawn to the simple lines and lack of excessive decoration. Before finishing a job we always think about what we can remove, making it even better.

Decoration doesn't make a space better

Geometric rigour and simplicity without excessive decoration are excellent elements when creating an unforgettable atmosphere. As Mies Van der Rohe used to say: excess of ornamentation in architecture does not make it better. The same can be applied to design, and interior design in general. Designing a simple space with delicate shapes – and making it work – is almost more complicated. Working with immaculate surfaces and pure material, creating an end result that's as neutral as possible, that's how clean shapes, pureness and something truly classic can be achieved. For such scenarios we work with this series from Jesse, because they provide pieces and elements that fit, elements that are beautiful in their own right.

The importance of colour in wardrobes and dressing rooms

Pure and classic design can only be achieved using a neutral, sober palette of colours. The chromatic choice we offer is serene and simple. You will feel comfortable, and we will create the perfect space for all your clothes. Sometimes wardrobes and dressing rooms are integrated into the bedroom and Jesse has a full range of bedroom accessories available for such designs, making it easy to create an overall atmosphere. Surfaces that are as simple as they are amazing, a bit like one of those photographs with a leather cover stitched with thread the same colour. Have you ever seen anything more beautiful, more subtle?