We need lighting here in Palma to be able to enjoy a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere. It doesn't matter which room of the home we design, it's very important that each space has adapted lighting whether we're talking about the kitchen, the bedroom or the bathroom. Each and every room needs specific lighting.

Light creates the atmosphere

When we design spaces and homes we take the light and lighting into account since it helps us create or modify already existing environments. Focus, colour, amount and intensity must be balanced to obtain a final result that is warm and natural. The best lighting is the one we can't see. Stepping into a room and forgetting about the light points means that it's working and that we feel comfortable. With lighting we have the ability to transform a space without physically modifying the structure. The various light points can guide our eyes and take us on a tour of the various details and elements that make up the space. Light distribution and the level of lighting have a decisive influence on how we perceive the architecture. Through light it's possible to distribute and interpret spaces, accentuate areas or make connections between exterior and interior. Differentiating the various colours of the light creates contrasts and emphasises various areas. Distribution of space through differentiated lighting in the working areas improves orientation. For example, if there is a very large space with lighting that is too uniform, what we get is a monotonous environment.

Creating functional spaces

In our catalogue you can find products from Luceplan, Castellani&Smith, FontanaArte and Penthlight. Our interior design project team will plot the line to follow and suggest how you can solve the lighting issue in all the various parts of your home.