If you are reading this it's because you're looking for new chairs for your dining room. You have come to the right place. By looking at our exhibition, on the web as well as in our showroom, you can see everything we have to offer. Generally the most important thing about dining-room chairs is how comfortable they are. But that really depends on how often they will be used.

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How many chairs do you need? The amount of chairs needed varies with the shape and size of your table. It's very important to take into account how much space is made available to the people seated around the table and making sure they are comfortable. In other words: avoid placing them too close, since it won't be a balanced whole otherwise.

A variety of materials in chairs

In interior design we can adapt everything to the needs and tastes of each individual client. We have chosen the best products on the luxury market to guarantee every space is personal, and also exclusive. Among the most common materials when it comes to chairs are upholstered ones, with a structure made of resin, polycarbonate, acrylic or fibreglass. These new materials are very resistant, easy to maintain and provide a touch of elegance and innovation. Wooden chairs are probably the most versatile. If you are looking for an industrial touch to your space, you could use metal chairs.

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Our team of designers and interior designers will help you throughout the process to ensure the end result is even better than expected.