Neo-rustic Style

A new approach to modern kitchens: a mix of styles with a sophisticated and elegant result that leaves no one indifferent. Visit Modulnova's kitchen in a neo-rustic style in our showroom in Palma de Mallorca.

Neo-rustic design with Mediterranean roots

Neo-gothic, neo-classic, neo-mudéjar... Styles are constantly renewed and repeated during history. Nowadays it's baroque and vintage that reappear as symbols in landscaping, interior and decoration fashion. The idea of rusticism and ruralism has also been reinterpreted. The current trend we define as neo-rustic is based on tradition, ethnography and Mediterranean handicraft. The neo-rustic style is a mix of Mediterranean concepts, cultures and materials with roots found in Greek and Phoenician architecture.

A sophisticated and exclusive kitchen

One of the most outstanding collections from the Italian company Modulnova is the one called 'Twenty'. It's a kitchen where the countertop is made entirely of Piasentina stone. It's a simple kitchen without distractions, but also very sophisticated and exclusive – a composite simplicity. Piasentine stone is a unique, very compact material and the only quarries are found in the northeast of Italy. Its hardiness and elegant colours makes it an excellent material when designing environments and spaces.

Tailor-made kitchen projects in Palma de Mallorca

The harmony of this modern kitchen with its neo-rustic air will surprise you. It's the result of combining warmth and tradition with technology and noble materials, creating the perfect chromatic effect. Compact volumes with balanced lines providing plenty of perfectly designed space for utensils as well as food storage. Come and visit us at Cocinart and Miele Centre, our showrooms in Palma de Mallorca; we will design your perfect kitchen and tailor it to your needs.