A kitchen that shelters and gives life to the family during the whole day. That's Cocinart modern-style kitchens. Versatile pieces of furniture with great storage capacity.

A modern kitchen that's completely integrated into your daily life

We keep demanding more and more functionality from a kitchen. These days a kitchen isn't just a space for cooking, it's where families come together and it's the setting for a number of different activities. Our kitchens are designed for eating, working, resting and above all: spending time together. A comfortable kitchen means a kitchen with a social atmosphere. A kitchen island has a double function: on the one hand it gives you more space to work and prepare food, on the other it's where you interact with other people, people who are sat around it.

Cocinart: plenty of storage space combined with modern colours and finishes

Storage is fundamental in a kitchen, which is why all Cocinart kitchen units have compartments that make the most of the available space, always using maximum quality and materials. All items will be organised and easy to reach at all times thanks to intelligent solutions and deep drawers. We look at all the various options and create a colour palette that we apply to the entire room, matching surfaces, furniture and accessories. The final result is a modern-style kitchen with a finish that is completely integrated with the wall. Volumes and spaces disappear, including handles. All you have to do is press the surface and the door will open.