Designer kitchens

In every home, the place where emotions meet creativity is, without a doubt, the kitchen. There are as many styles of kitchens, as there are people. Therefore, in our catalog you will be able to find the perfect designer kitchen in Palma de Mallorca to satisfy your every need.

Bespoke designer kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of the home, the place where food is cooked and family gathers. Each culture has adapted this space to their particular needs based on the use they made of it. In fact, things such as ingredients and utensils were taken into account when designing a kitchen. Today, however, the kitchen’s functions are much more than that. Nowadays, kitchens resume their relationship with all the inhabitants of the home, becoming the center of the house. As a consequence, kitchens are considered a fundamental decorative element in the aesthetics of any home, which is why designer kitchens have become so important.
A designer kitchen combines to perfection the best quality materials with high technology, giving users an unrivalled degree of convenience and comfort. Therefore, the design and quality of the kitchen must meet the particularities and diversities of each individual, combining designer furniture and components of the highest quality with state-of-the-art household appliances. At Espacio Home Design, we offer custom design kitchens for both individuals and companies. Do you want your kitchen to become your favorite room? Contact our interior design studio and request a budget without obligation.

The best brands of designer kitchens

At Espacio Home Design, we work with the most prestigious brands in the sector to create our designer kitchens.

Take a look at our luxury kitchen gallery and discover how our interior design specialists can transform your kitchen into an authentic designer kitchen.

Kitchen projects in Mallorca

Each house has its own essence and personality in terms of design. Thus, when decorating a home, it is crucial to have an interior design project where you can decide which type of design kitchen best suits your home. For this reason, in our kitchen projects we analyze our clients’ needs to achieve a design kitchen that is not only decorative, but also functional.
We design kitchens that speak luxury and comfort in one word. Thanks to all the kitchen projects we have developed, we have the knowledge and competence to anticipate likely problems and implement appropriate solutions. We know the materials we use and how they should be implemented.
Furthermore, it is important to bear in mind that, regardless of the wide variety of styles in the design kitchen sector, our kitchens are unique and completely personalized. We pay special attention to those subtle and elegant finishes characterizing high-end kitchens. Need more information? Contact our interior design team and discover what we can do for you. We customize your kitchen to the maximum in order to fit your requirements.

Luxury Italian kitchens

Unfortunately, luxury kitchens are not always synonymous with being the optimal or ideal kitchen for us. Combining the space with a specific style, requirements and environment is complicated, especially if you do not put the project in the hands of professionals.
At Espacio Home Design, we have the best team of interior designers and kitchen designers in Mallorca. You can entrust us with any kitchen project, resting assured that we will know how to exceed your expectations. Our years of experience in the sector are the best guarantee of our services. In addition, we work with the best Italian and German kitchen brands, which means that we have at our disposal everything we need to offer you the kitchen of your dreams.
In short, if you want your kitchen to breathe the elegance and functionality of an authentic Italian luxury kitchen, visit our kitchen showroom and discover the best designer kitchens in Mallorca.

Kitchen showroom in Palma

Espacio Cocinart, Espacio SieMatic and Espacio Modulnova are the three showrooms dedicated to the design of luxury kitchens in the Balearic Islands. We are the official distributors of the most important Italian luxury kitchens and German luxury kitchens in Mallorca. Our great experience makes us specialists in design kitchens and guarantees the quality of our work.
Cocinart is a kitchen brand created by Espacio Home Design. We are proud to say that our design is 100% personalized and local. In our kitchen showrooms you can find a wide variety of styles that would best suit what you are looking for. We put at our clients’ disposal high-end kitchens in Mallorca. Make an appointment and find out for yourself!

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