Kitchens of excellent design and quality

In homes the place where emotions and creativity intermingle is in the kitchen. There are as many cooking styles as there are people, so below you will find different options of designer kitchens in Palma de Mallorca.

Designer kitchens, kitchen design

The kitchen is the heart of the home, the place where food is prepared and where the family come together. Every culture has adapted this very special space to its own needs, depending on what use they make of it. Utensils and spaces are designed according to the various ingredients that will be used in there. But these days the purpose of a kitchen goes way beyond being a mere cooking space; the kitchen has again become a place that connects all the members of the household, a centre for the home during various times of the day. Kitchen design has to be adapted to all the various peculiarities and diversities of your house, making sure that furniture and other elements of excellent design work with cutting-edge appliances.

Tradition and experience in kitchen design

We design kitchens for you to live in. After having developed all our past projects we have plenty of experience and can foresee and counter all the various problems that may occur. We know all the materials we work with to perfection and we know how they can be applied. We understand what our clients want, and we make sure we can offer it.

The best kitchens in Palma de Mallorca

Perhaps the ideal kitchen you have in mind isn’t the best kitchen for you. Combining your space with the specific requirements, a determined style and atmosphere can be a daunting and complicated project if it’s not done by trusted professionals. At Espacio Home Design you will find all the various possibilities of high-end kitchen ranges on the market without having to leave Mallorca.

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