Flush doors

These doors are mainly characterised by their clean external shape. There is no visible door frame or trim, which means they are perfectly integrated into the wall that surrounds them. Flush doors can be either sliding doors or hinged doors, you choose. Depending on the characteristics of the space, one system or the other will be preferable. We always choose the one best suited for the room.

Extremely clean, doors in line with the wall

Discreet, elegant and manufactured using the most innovative materials, that is what doors from the Italian brand ADL are like. They can be made in any size. We personalise your interior design project; the products must be adapted to your needs, not the other way round. Working with exclusive brands is one of the best guarantees we can offer you, we make absolutely everything tailor-made. We look for perfection in all we do, and that is our guarantee to you. A flush door is perfect if you want to camouflage it into the wall; it can be the same colour, or you could go for one made of glass. Glass favours lightness of forms, or perhaps choose a finish that best satisfies your own taste and the environment its in.

Exclusive exhibition in Palma

Discover the exclusive complete catalogue of products in our store on Eusebio Estada in Palma. Even if ADL is a relatively young brand – established in 2004 – their excellence in design and material choices has earned it a top position on a very select market. One of the most important factors is the material they use for their flush doors, sliding doors, hinged doors and other kinds of doors. They come in wood, glass, resin, stone, metals such as brass and Corten steel as well as porcelain stoneware.