The perfect doors for your home in Palma de Mallorca

Doors are an element that in the end gives personality to your spaces. The same space that guides us when it comes to choosing a particular type of door. Come visit our showroom to get to know the various options available.

How to choose the ideal door

Seeing all the options we have when it comes to doors can be a bit overwhelming: swing doors, sliding doors, flush doors, glass doors or sliding panels. And now what? How will you know which one is the ideal door? It’s simple; first of all don’t lose sight of the fact that all doors have to fulfil three criteria: design, functionality and aesthetics. One of the main brands we work with in doors is Italian: ADL.


Espacio Home Design - Marcas - ADL

Swing doors

The majority of doors installed and the kind we normally use are swing doors. With them it’s important to take into account on which side they open, so no conflict is created between various decorative elements.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors enable us to create more space and to achieve continuity in a space when necessary.

Flush doors

A flush door goes beyond the functionality of a door that separates two spaces. There are several notable features, but without doubt the main one is their ability to be perfectly integrated into an environment, nearly disappearing. No visible flashes, doorposts or hinges. Once they are installed, flush doors are perfectly integrated into the wall and show all their qualities, giving greater emphasis to the construction details in the environment surrounding them.

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