Salvatori is an Italian brand known for their work in luxury furniture designed using natural stone. Get to know their collection in our showroom in Palma de Mallorca. On the following pages you can see different photographs of the various items.

Unique stone work

True to its origin the Italian brand Salvatori works with natural stone and provide excellent results. They manage to create items and textures that excite. They started in 1946 and throughout this time they have been pioneers when it comes to elegant product design. They work in Tuscany and export to the whole world; they are located very near the famous Carrara marble quarries.

All kinds of products

In their catalogue you will find everything from textures for floor and ceiling to furniture for your home: tables, mirrors, shelving, decorative items, lighting and products for the bathroom. Salvatori fuses current design with artisan knowledge from the past. They are passionate about the inherent beauty of natural stone and what's even more characteristic is that it's impossible to find two pieces the same, since no stone will look the same as any other. They are exclusive pieces of furniture for genuine people.