Design and use of essential lines in your rustic-style Modulnova bathroom will transform your space into something that's even more than perfect. The best Italian brand, at your service, in Palma de Mallorca.

The bathroom,the most comforting place in your home

One of the most difficult spaces to design in a home is the bathroom. This is where we begin our days, and end them. The whole family passes through here, and possibly also guests. Deciding on the components, materials and textures can be tricky, yet it's so important to create the feeling you're after, playing with light and creating a visual journey that makes you feel comforted and comfortable.

Rustic-style bathrooms from Modulnova

In the catalogue showcasing the Italian designer brand Modulnova you'll come across many different options and designs, but the rustic style is the one that will make you feel close to nature. We work with natural materials like stone and wood, always of excellent quality. We choose the best units and unique pieces to make sure your bathroom is exclusive, tailored to you. The texture of stone or wood grain will give the space a very personal touch, as well as the floor.

Timeless space in your bathroom in Palma de Mallorca

Our team of architects and interior designers will suggest a solution that allows your bathroom to last through all kinds of new fashions and trends. Espacio Home Design Group is always one step ahead, looking for lifestyle beyond fashion. The combination of all these factors ensures that your bathroom furniture and all its accessories will stand out for their excellent quality and durability.