Simple, neutral and natural lines with Modulnova's minimalist bathroom range. Play with volumes and light to create the perfect environment.

Modulnova bathrooms: everything perfect, everything in its place

If you are passionate about order and perfection, then Modulnova's minimalist bathroom range is something for you. The term minimalist is used when only the truly necessary items feature in a space. Here at Espacio Home Design Group we are convinced that nothing is impossible: you just have to find the ideal design to respond to a specific need. When we develop the minimalist concept we don't sacrifice anything – we relocate it and integrate it. The magic and efficiency of interior design is when it's used to create an extremely beautiful space, perfectly functional and especially made for a specific person.

Simplicity is balance

The simpler and cleaner an environment and a design, the more balance it gives to the person who lives in it. We invent, or adapt, your space so you can experience it too. Modulnova is an Italian brand that stands out thanks to the attention they pay to preparing shapes, materials and details.

The perfect bathroom in Palma de Mallorca

The minimalist style of the Modulnova bathrooms is ideal for interior design focusing on large spaces and details, but also works well in smaller spaces. The combination of colours and finishings create completely natural environments. Light enters and catches the volumes, and far from being mere functional items they are transformed into beautiful works of art. Their inside workings will also surprise you with storage space that makes sure all your items will be organised and at hand at all times.