Delicate and feminine shapes provide a poetic touch that you'll encounter on a daily basis when you choose a handmade, industrial-style bathroom design from Falper.

Falper bathrooms: versatile style and craftsmanship

The industrial style is a versatile style that easily adapts to any kind of space. It really stands out when used in spacious, airy settings. Falper designed this industrial-style collection using unique, large pieces with beautiful texture that almost turn them into sculptures. You barely have to add anything else to create a unique, unforgettable atmosphere. That's what Falper is all about: the Italian luxury brand that manages to produce immortal emotions. Pieces that work in the low light typical to the industrial style, but also with stronger, more natural light. Each and every bathroom piece from Falper is made by hand, one by one, which is why their quality is one of its kind. They have unique value and provide a distinctive and exclusive setting to your home.

Delicate, feminine shapes providing enduring poetry

The creation of unique thicknesses, using original, unbelievable shapes is a kind of magic that only happens in Falper's laboratories where Ceramilux is used like ceramics. Everything is made by hand, using a lathe. This is the HANDMADE collection, designed by Michael Schmidt. In this series you'll find bathtubs, free-standing sinks, sinks and wall-mounted shelves. Delicate and feminine shapes that will transform your bathroom into poetry, something that can only be done when tradition and experience are combined with the latest 3D technological advances.