Moving from one place to another, doing tasks in places where it wasn't possible before. Being up to date with everything and sharing content between all your devices made easy through a wifi system connection at home in Palma de Mallorca.

Dynamism and flexibility

The rules have changed and what we needed 10 years ago is completely different to what we need now. It's becoming increasingly important to have a flexible home, and a flexible life in general. The various spaces in your home are transformed, and versatile. The bedrooms are no longer just for sleeping; thanks to tablets and lightweight laptops we can watch films or send e-mails straight from bed. Activities and spaces intermingle. We keep TV shows and movies on our handheld devices, the same way as we do with music. We can listen to or watch any content from anywhere.

Wifi systems in Palma de Mallorca

What used to require plugged-in equipment can now be done wirelessly and effortlessly inside or outside your home. Thanks to small devices and wifi networks you can connect all your household appliances, program actions and activities, control lighting and pass contents from one screen to another, even when streaming. At Espacio Home Design Group here in Palma de Mallorca we have a multidisciplinary team at your service that will help you prepare and install a perfect, efficient wifi system.