Invisible Speakers

At the moment there's an infinity amount of options and versions on the market when installing a hi-fi or multiroom system in your home or at the workplace. Create the perfect atmosphere with aesthetic harmony and your desired functionality with invisible speakers. Marvel at them in our showrooms in Palma de Mallorca.

The pleasure of listening to music

They say music acts as an emotional amplifier. You've probably experienced more than once how music can be a comfort, and how depending on your state of mind you prefer one kind of music to the other. Audio and video systems are increasingly becoming a fundamental ingredient when designing, creating and configuring a personalised, comfortable space.

Interior design and quality sound are not incompatible

One of the most common issues our customers mention is that they find speakers interfere negatively with the design and atmosphere in the home. To avoid having to look at black boxes and other horrid items we have a large variety of invisible speakers available. In our catalogue you can find different high-quality designer brands that all offer plenty of solutions: speakers that can be built-in into the ceiling or speakers built into walls, among many others. Forget about large devices and cables. You can install a hi-fi system that no one will notice.

Invisible speakers from the best brands

We work with the best makes and provide luxury, high-quality speakers to get the best results for your setup. It couldn't be anything other than Sonance. We get you visible sound with invisible logistics and configuration. The most important thing for all of us working at Espacio Home Design Group is that our customers are absolutely satisfied.