Bowers and Wilkins

One of our most important brands for sound systems in general and speakers in particular: speakers from Bowers & Wilkins. Exceptional sound quality and versatility for all kinds of audio and multiroom installations. Find out more in our showrooms in Palma de Mallorca.

Tradition and experience in speaker development

Bowers & Wilkins have specialised in professional audio products for more than fifty years. They started out designing acoustic boxes and as time went by they started developing more products and adding them to their catalogue. When we think of the brand, we think of it as "the best brand on the market for high-fidelity technology and systems". It doesn't matter if it's with or without cables, all their products are excellent.

All kinds of speakers for all kinds of installations

If you visit our shop in Palma de Mallorca you can take a look at all the different audio systems we can offer when designing your system. Among other things we have acoustic boxes, invisible speakers, built-in speakers, speakers that look like sculptures, wireless headphones... All the necessary components to build the perfect atmosphere for your space, tailor-made. Because we are all different, and our needs are different too.

The solution to every problem

Bowers & Wilkins have a long history of technological innovation and the quest for the perfect speaker. Perhaps though novel use of materials – such as kevlar or diamond – allowing them to find new solutions to complicated engineering problems. The team at Bowers & Wilkins is constantly working and developing their products to provide the best results available on the market. That's how they manage to achieve the best sound.