Bronze Mirror

No more aesthetic discrepancies caused by TV-sets invading your personal space. 

Style and function combined in a TV-set

So you've just redecorated your house and changed all the furniture. You've also created a warm, comfortable atmosphere in the living room. Then there's the problem of making the TV work with all the designer items, trying to make it fit in without disturbing the general aesthetics. You're used to the television being present, but in certain areas a TV-set will disturb the magic you've finally managed to create. One of the best and most innovative solutions on the market is the Scena TV Bronze Mirror, recognised for great quality and style. The SCENA TV Bronze Mirror set, or mirror television, has revolutionised the world of interior design. With this kind of TV-set you can hide the screen whenever it's not being used. It's an elegant and discrete device, but also very modern, ideal when integrating a TV-set into your home. Behind the mirror and completely incorporated, a smart TV is hidden with high-quality image and the same functions that any other high-end TV-set. It's easy to make them work in different spaces: the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom or the bedroom. One piece of technology with two functions. The finishings are tailor made, which means you can choose the SCENA TV Bronze Mirror that best fits in with the space you have in mind for it. There is a wide range of colours and frame options.

Mirror television in Palma de Mallorca

In the showrooms for Spazio Scena and Cocinart you can see various examples of how you can play with the duality of the SCENA TV Bronze Mirror set. Beyond decoration and how it complements your life and interior design, you'll find all kinds of aesthetic values using the most advanced technology. From now on you can enjoy watching TV without having to compromise on style.