Interior design projects

Have you bought a house that you want to personalise? Have you been thinking about changing the living room for some time, but find it difficult to decide what look to go for? Our team of interior designers will give you advice and guide you throughout the projects, from the start until you’re all installed.

Personalised service in interior design projects

In Espacio Home Design we are growing little by little to cover all the spaces and to be able to offer integral interior design projects to the taste of each client, so we have a complete team of professionals to develop the best interior design projects on the island. Our long history supports us, with more than forty years of experience, so we have extensive background and specialized knowledge in kitchens, bathrooms, cabinets and dressing rooms, interior and exterior furniture, contract, home automation, audio and video and lighting.

Our professionals are the best on the island and what makes us most proud is that our clients are satisfied with our jobs and turn to us for the change of their home.

We give advice relating to interior design

We select the colour range that best adapts to the spaces in your home; we choose the furniture and decorative items that best suit you and your needs. In our product catalogue you will find the best-known brands with extraordinary quality. We create unique spaces that you can live in, and be excited by.

Tailor-made projects using luxurious materials in Palma

Each project begins with a hand-drawn sketch of the space to capture that first idea of how to develop the project. The next step is to create a 3D-model that lets you to see what the interior design project will look like before work begins. This service allows us to give our clients assurance that the final result will be even better than what they had originally thought.

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