The values of Espacio Home Design

In the various spaces provided by the company Espacio Home Design in Palma de Mallorca you’ll find the best-known brands in terms of quality and design for your home. Think about what an ideal space means to you, then leave it in our hands.
During a solid trajectory spanning over three generations of carpentry we have focused on excellence in design and maximum self-imposed standards. What has always been most important to us is being able to improve on our customers’ homes through our attention, dedication and service mindedness, always presenting the best solutions possible.
Experience, evolution, tradition and modernity in a family dedicated to creating spaces that will help you be happier.

Three generations’ worth of experience, development and tradition

Since we started in 1945, Cocinart has never stopped growing and implementing services. Always with the same goal: meeting the needs of our clients, providing excellent solutions. It all started with a family carpenter, playing with various textures of different materials from nature, transforming them into the ideal kitchen. Working with wood to find that unique, perfect design. Since then our catalogue has grown bigger and more extensive, adding more brands to offer a full range of possibilities to our clients.

A multidisciplinary team in Palma de Mallorca

We have seven showrooms in the city of Palma and one in Santa Ponsa, each featuring different brands and products: Espacio Home Design (Eusebio Estada, Sant Feliu, Santa Ponsa), Cocinart, Modulnova, SieMatic, Scena. y Bang & Olufsen. In each of these different company centres you will be attended by professionals specialising in the sector they advise you on. They are the best in their field and between all of us we can build the space and environment you have in mind. Many leaves, sitting on different branches that all grow from the trunk of a strong, experienced tree.

Specific products to design and optimize space to the maximum

We are aware that we cannot produce all the elements we need to create a space, which is why we have brought together the best international design and home furnishing firms.

Functionality is not at odds with aesthetics, exclusivity and good design. In the company we have six different spaces to meet the requirements of the people who are setting up your home.


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