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The new bathroom line joins the world Espacio Home Design

Currently, we are experiencing a very important and undoubtedly momentous change. The complete remodeling of our showrooms arrives at Espacio Home Design. We have incorporated the best in terms of bathroom design into our exhibition, taking care of every detail, offering variety and a more exclusive range for your home.

In the showrooms you can see the latest news and trends, exclusive models from brands with great international prestige that will welcome you and fall in love as soon as you see it. The brands that you can find when you visit our showrooms are: Modulnova, Salvatori, Agape, Butó, Falper and others. Each brand offers a different style and you will find a great variety to choose from what you like the most.

The objective is to generate added value to all the projects we carry out and to be able to offer a wide range of possibilities.

In this case, we have sought inspiration and versioned unique styles, alternating classic and modern styles, thus creating spaces adaptable to the architecture that surrounds them.

Here is a bit of what we can see and the trends that are coming to the ESPACIO world.

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