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‘Art exists to make life more beautiful’- T. Pedraza

Toni Pedraza is a highly emotional artist, he works from the premise of ‘I don’t know anything’, he is a humble person, he never says ‘no’ since he likes challenges and he likes to try. He is a person open to new projects and whatever comes next.
Artists like Toni are faced with a blank canvas each time a new job is proposed to them, an act of courage in the face of each commission. He tells us that each order is a journey, a challenge and that the first few times it is about doing tests and a lot of research on materials, techniques, etc.

Toni tells us that Aba Art Lab opened up to the world and motivated him to continue producing art. This entity plays a very important role, since they are the most important art curator in the islands and therefore define themselves as the bridge between the artist and the final space. Also the art gallery is like a laboratory of tests and experimentation for all of them.

Menorcan by birth and with a deep-rooted Talayotic culture, we know a little more about him for his creative DNA. In 2000, Toni won an art award and is currently in her creative maturity, after a career of more than 20 years.

His works are usually minimalist and monochromatic. He looks for simplicity in the lines and the technique he likes to work the most is the dry brush to achieve results with volumes.

Toni Pedraza along with Maribel and Alejandra from Aba Art Lab tell us the following: “The assignment for Espacio Home Design has been a challenge. Thanks to Vicky (store manager at Espacio Home Design Sant Feliu), who was very clear about the idea, we were able to achieve this magnificent result. The first thing we did was take positions of the spaces to intervene, take measurements, plan how many works to create and where they would be placed. When we had this clear, we wanted to create an experience and a visual tour throughout the showroom, creating optical games with the different dimensions, shapes, etc. ”

The final choice for the Espacio Home Design showroom in Sant Feliu, 6 was to create expressionist works, where indigo blue is the protagonist and each work is represented as if it were a trompe l’oeil (a waterfall, the horizon delimited by the Mediterranean Sea, the breeze of air, a drop of water and the waves of the sea). The first three are works with pigments worked in different densities and applications on fabric and the other two are volumetric works of stainless mesh worked pictorially and volumetrically.

For Toni it was the first time that he had worked with this stainless material and he confirmed that at first he did not know the result that he was going to get, but that he has felt very comfortable; now confirms that, after seeing the result, it will not be the last time you work with this material.

Finally, Aba Art Lab tells us that they love jobs where they can enhance the ‘Site Specific’, that is, the first creation works are made for the place where they are finally going to be placed.


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