Interior Design Trends 2020

We start a new year and with it Pantone launches the color of the year ‘Pantone 17-5104 Ultimate Gray’ and ‘Pantone 13-0647 Illuminating’. This year two colors have been chosen that, together, form a perfect combination and convey a message of strength, hope and energy at the same time. Two independent colors that can go separately or can accompany each other generating a visual impact full of positivity.

According to Pantone, they explain to us the reason why these two colors have been chosen in 2021. In the context of 2020, where it has left us very hard moments of uncertainty and social sadness, there is an explanation in the meaning of each color. Colors are not just impressions, it goes beyond. Colors convey feelings, they are optical perceptions, combinations of colors with their properties to create more different and unique colors, etc. Therefore, Pantone analyzes this “color pairing” as follows: “PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating is a bright and cheerful yellow that generates liveliness and effervescence: a warm yellow tone infused with the energy of the sun.” and the other chosen color “PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray evokes feelings of solidity and reliability that are timeless and that provide a firm foundation. The colors of the pebbles on the beach and the natural elements whose weathered appearance show the ability to withstand the test of time: in this way, Ultimate Gray inspires calm confidence and conveys feelings of composure, stability and resilience. ”


We have introduced the trends with Pantone’s color of the year and below, we show you our bet on the trends in interior design for 2021.

  • Wallpaper: Wallpaper was strongly established last year and this year it becomes the main trend to give life to our walls and spaces. There are a multitude of options with wallpaper from the most realistic to the most abstract and we help you customize each space you want to decorate. Floral, geometric and 3D motifs remain in trend.
  • Neutral colors: beige, earth, gray, chocolates, sand, cream, terracotta and white will continue to be in our homes and we will combine them with stronger colors to contrast and play with the different volumes that colors provide. We will look for the best option to create intimate, cozy environments that transmit peace and tranquility.
  • Sustainable interior design: More and more, organic, sustainable and durable natural materials are being sought. Noble woods, stone, marble, linen, 100% natural wool, wicker, rattan, etc. and with light tones they will be a trend for this 2021.
  • Advanced and intelligent technology: IOT (Internet Of Things) the internet of things enters the world of interior design. Automation through technology advances at huge levels and that is why we have the Scena team. to carry out home automation, audio & video and technical lighting projects, to make life easier and more comfortable.
  • Perfect lighting for every environment: Warm lighting in all its formats continues to be the favorite when it comes to creating comfort and welcoming in each room that we design. Regarding the luminaire formats, lamps made of natural materials continue to predominate, as they bring life to that space. Also the golden colors, satin gold, bronzes, etc. in lamps and accessories they are still an essential that brings warmth and glamor. Finally, the touch of black in different versions are perfect to generate very interesting contrasts in any space.
  • Coatings: Neutral colors and natural stone imitation tiles are the favorites in the choice of coatings. It is also a trend to wink with colored dots and put more daring design details that give character and style to that place. Finally, large formats continue to be a trend for all of this year 2021.
  • Bet on the natural: As a result of the Coronavirus, we have spent the most time at home and we have missed many things, and first of all, the feeling of freedom that contact with nature offers you, so we value things more and look for solutions personalized services that offer us the greatest comfort and peace in our homes. Bringing nature closer together and creating multifunctional spaces become a trend when decorating, creating open spaces where natural light is the protagonist and giving those green touches with natural plants and objects that give life to that space.
  • Personalized furniture: In recent months the most requested and most demanded distributions have been open kitchens, combining the materials and colors of the kitchen furniture with the living room furniture to create open spaces and with a visual purity that invites you to stay. We will also see in 2021 timeless, minimalist and personalized kitchens. Custom furniture will be the king of our home to be able to store everything we want and that is perfectly integrated into each space.

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