Contemporary Perfection

Varenna's exclusive contemporary kitchen features avant-garde design based on pure geometry. 

Varenna's exclusive contemporary kitchen features avant-garde design based on pure geometry. All the compositional freedom you need to create the perfect environment for your home. H2 Headlines and text

Pure geometry for a perfect aesthetic balance

Varenna's Phoenix collection is defined by fine lines and pure geometry. It's an exclusive kitchen with modern aesthetics. The combination of elements and modules is reduced to primary geometry, offering new aesthetic possibilities through essential volumes. One of the most characteristic aspects is that there are no handles in the entire collection; this unification of furniture gives great visual impact to the entire set.

An interpretation of contemporary kitchens

Varenna's kitchen design is based on and inspired by geometry. Playing with and combining the various shapes lets us achieve absolute harmony and consonance. All the various options provided by this line are unique, offering great freedom of design and various configurations options for your space. This means your kitchen can be tailor-made, especially for you. To us at Espacio Home Design Group the most important thing is that your idea of the ideal kitchen comes to life and that's why we only work with the best brands on the market. The project must reflect the identity of the person who will live inside the space. We create personalised environments.

Technical, avant-garde solutions for designer kitchens in Palma de Mallorca

The entire team works on the design and makes sure the solution we offer is the most suitable one. Varenna is one of the most outstanding luxury firms within the sector: it's the international company with the most experience and is always ahead of the rest.